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Social Fresh: Content For The Sake Of Content.

By Casey Goldstein

I recently attended the Social Fresh Conference in Orlando. While the two-day conference covered many topics, the theme could be summed up, oddly, in one of my least favorite Harry Potter quotes: “Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged.”

Let me explain. I don’t mean it in the same way as Professor Umbridge, who was referring to anything innovative. When creating content, it is imperative to make every post, video, and piece of content intentional.

In social media, people often rush to be first as opposed to taking the time to strategize and create meaningful content that will resonate with the audience. Currently, this can be seen with marketers rushing to create video or broadcast live on Facebook or Periscope. With so much content being created, there are a few key points to think about before you post:

  • •   You’re either adding value or adding noise. Part of creating intentional content is not just having catchy text or well-edited video, (though both are important), but it’s also important to build relationships around the content. At Paradise, we are lucky to have a strong studio team that helps bring valuable video content to life for our clients. The videos created for WeAreGoFL illustrate the added value by informing the audience of upcoming rocket launches as well as other space-related events.
  • •   As Heather Taylor from the Economist stated, 67% people will share content they find valuable, if they trust the brand. If you are adding value and building relationships, your audience will inherently trust you more, and will, therefore, share more.
  • •   Amy Greber from the Red Cross has found that people trust content shared by their peer 5x more than directly from a brand. The more your content is shared, the more people will trust the message and the brand.

When looking at stats, it becomes even more evident that when creating content, intention is everything. Social media, at its best, is a way for brands to start conversations and be human. But it can also be overwhelming for both brands and their audience. Having a clear strategy that puts the quality of content over quantity is a great way to ensure you are continuing to provide value to your audience and not just adding noise.