Glenn Bowman

Creative Director & Digital Director

Glenn is one of those rare creative individuals who has mastered the art of advertising design as well as the technology of the digital and social media age, resulting in fresh, innovative advertising and interactive work.

Rarely do you meet visionaries this mellow. Glenn’s easygoing manner masks a relentless quest for the next new thing. And although Glenn is always cheerful and has that special gift of motivating clients, don’t let his good-natured personality fool you. Glenn is as driven as they come and relentlessly results oriented.

A proud graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Design, Photography and Interactive Communications. Glenn has spent a decade as a senior designer, art director, and web master, working on such leading brands as Marriott, SeaWorld and Verizon (not to mention a stint at one of the largest and most prestigious government agencies in the Washington.).

When Glenn’s not performing creative miracles, he’s happy “tinkering” at home, which to him is wrenching on vintage motorcycles.