Melissa Cederquist

Public Relations Coordinator

Melissa has the heart of an adventurer. She loves traveling, seeking out new challenges and making sure her clients come out on top. In the PR department, she feels right at home with our outstanding tourism, luxury and lifestyle clients. Whether she’s organizing FAM trips or crafting pitches for media coverage, Melissa’s indomitable positive energy is perfect for the fast-paced excitement of Paradise.

Before coming to Paradise, Melissa graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and minors in Business and Communications. She interned at 5WPR in New York, and then moved back to Florida to work at Geiger & Associates. There she became intimately familiar with PR for a variety of destination clients across the United States including the Sonoma County region and the bustling southern city of Nashville.

A thrill-and-chill-seeker to the core, Melissa lives for discovering more about the world around her. She lived a year in sunny Valencia, Spain, has hiked the Inca Trail in Peru and loves finding cool new hideaways wherever she ends up. When she’s not on the move, she’s doing downward dog on the beach or curling up with a fiction novel.