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Social Fresh: Content For The Sake Of Content.

By Casey Goldstein

I recently attended the Social Fresh Conference in Orlando. While the two-day conference covered many topics, the theme could be summed up, oddly, in one of my least favorite Harry Potter quotes: “Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged.”

Let me explain. I don’t mean it in the same way as Professor Umbridge, who was referring to anything innovative. When creating content, it is imperative to make every post, video, and piece of content intentional.

In social media, people often rush to be first as opposed to taking the time to strategize and create meaningful content that will resonate with the audience. Currently, this can be seen with marketers rushing to create video or broadcast live on Facebook or Periscope. With so much content being created, there are a few key points to think about before you post:

  • •   You’re either adding value or adding noise. Part of creating intentional content is not just having catchy text or well-edited video, (though both are important), but it’s also important to build relationships around the content. At Paradise, we are lucky to have a strong studio team that helps bring valuable video content to life for our clients. The videos created for WeAreGoFL illustrate the added value by informing the audience of upcoming rocket launches as well as other space-related events.
  • •   As Heather Taylor from the Economist stated, 67% people will share content they find valuable, if they trust the brand. If you are adding value and building relationships, your audience will inherently trust you more, and will, therefore, share more.
  • •   Amy Greber from the Red Cross has found that people trust content shared by their peer 5x more than directly from a brand. The more your content is shared, the more people will trust the message and the brand.

When looking at stats, it becomes even more evident that when creating content, intention is everything. Social media, at its best, is a way for brands to start conversations and be human. But it can also be overwhelming for both brands and their audience. Having a clear strategy that puts the quality of content over quantity is a great way to ensure you are continuing to provide value to your audience and not just adding noise.

Flourishing Social Media Team is Agency’s Trending Topic

Paradise Advertising’s Social Media department continues to see growth with two new hires. Bridging the gap between traditional departments such as media, PR, analytics and creative, the social media department has proven vital to the success of crossover campaigns.

Jessica Mackey, Director of Social, leads the Paradise Social team and works closely with all of the department’s clients. Prior to joining Paradise, Mackey honed her skills at agencies in New York, Washington, D.C., Connecticut and more, where she developed a strong background in social strategy and account management.

Mackey’s team has grown with the recent hires of two new Community Managers:  Lauren Couturier and Casey Goldstein. Couturier, a graduate of Stetson University, comes from a social media management background and works out of Paradise’s Naples office. Goldstein, based in St. Pete, is a graduate of University of Florida, holds a Master’s Degree in Social Media and comes from a background in social media management at the university level.

Paradise Advertising is currently working with a diversified set of clientele, including: The Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club, Orlando North/Seminole County, Space Florida, and the Naples/Marco Island/Everglades CVB.

Social media continues to prove itself as an invaluable media channel for all brands and provides the opportunity to create genuine relationships with new and existing consumers. These relationships strengthen brand awareness and loyalty, and the one-on-one connections foster brand advocates who help tell the brand’s story on their own.

“Social media is a channel within the broader marketing mix that can, in many ways, more effectively gauge customer feedback, reach specifically targeted individuals, and make human connections,” said Mackey. “Our team is able to bring a new perspective on integrating campaigns to the social world, and provides ongoing insight and consultation to all of our clients.”

Paradise Advertising’s social media services include: Strategic Planning, Campaign Integration, Creative Content Development, Community Management, Building Consumer Advocacy, Cross-Platform Expertise, Analytics and Reporting, Social Influencer Campaigns, Social Campaign Development, Crisis Management, and Paid Social Advertising Efforts.

Social Fresh Conference: Learning to be Human

By Brittany Weissler, Senior Writer

I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect going to my first social media conference. I’m a digital native—no, I don’t care, I’ll say the infamous word—I’m a millennial. We’re supposed to innately know social media. Be the lifeblood of the social sphere. But it’s a lot simpler to say you know social media than to say you understand social media marketing.

selfie stick

At Paradise Advertising, we know how important it is to stay up on industry trends. Just like the Harlem Shake, one day you’re in and the next you’re terribly embarrassing. Advertising and marketing isn’t just a science, it’s an art. It’s a dialogue between brand and consumer, and this dialogue lives in its purest form within social media.

In September, I attended my first social media conference—Social Fresh 2015 in Tampa, Florida. Held in the lovely Marriott Waterside in downtown Tampa, I arrived fresh-faced and wide-eyed, was handed a coffee and a selfie stick, and the industry talks began.

In a nutshell, the theme of the conference was “be human.” Sounds simple, yet it can’t be emphasized enough about how incredibly effective it is and how often it’s done wrong. No one wants to be “handled” or to talk to a robot dishing out canned responses, but it can be hard to remember that the nameless, faceless person behind the screen is an actual human. And that human wants an honest connection, even when talking to a brand. They want humor, sympathy and earnest communication. There is a real human behind every brand message and Facebook post, and it needs to be felt. They want to feel heard when they have a complaint, to be understood when they demand change, and to take part in the product and campaign development of their favorite brands. The world is more connected than ever, and that means stronger connections between brands and their patrons.

Now, there were a lot of discussions and opinions on how to do social “right” and how to do it “wrong,” but some of the most striking facts were the hard numbers.

The average person spends 24% of their time viewing ads while on mobile, but advertisers only spend about 8% of ad money on mobile (directly contrasted with people spending 4% of their time viewing ads in print, but advertisers spending 18% of ad money on print).

Social leads convert to purchases 3x higher than the next most effective channel.

What the numbers said to me was that people are tired of being “sold” and want to have honest conversations about products, brands and lifestyles. Social media is an amazing conduit to have these conversations and develop strong, loyal bonds with our audience. And while social posts help strengthen this bond, a real relationship goes beyond a single Tweet. Here at Paradise Advertising, we turn online conversations into real world experiences. Whether it’s through sharing product previews, highlighting user content, or rewarding loyal fans with giveaways, we’re creating an honest relationship with our audience.

Overall, Social Fresh was a great experience, and it reaffirmed what we already believed. Social communications are among the most sincere and most personal way to connect to our audience. So remember: stay human.