The dawn of digital and social media have had an indisputable affect on the world of PR. The end goal of PR is arguably the same as it’s always been – communicating a key message to a pre-determined audience or demographic. However, the ways in which the goal is delivered has evolved rapidly. To gain exposure for Seminole County, the Paradise PR team orchestrated a special event at the Danville B&B. The event recreated a 1940’s-style pin-up shoot to raise awareness for the “Raise Your Weapons” project that showcases the plight of child soldiers through a combat photography exhibit. Our goal was to secure 100 photographers for the event. We capped out at twice that, gaining exposure from photographers nationwide. To top it off, our branded content group and in-house film studio created a branded video for community TV stations, social media networks, the CVB’s website, and to pitch media. The results? Besides outstanding national and regional coverage, Seminole County received 100% attendance for the rest of the year’s press fam trips.