Piloting Data to Drive Airlift Demand and Higher Visitor Yield
Breeze Airways + Long Island

The Challenge

In an effort to welcome Breeze Airways, the newest airline carrier to Long Island’s regional MacArthur Airport in Islip, Discover Long Island partnered with Paradise to raise awareness and drive demand for new direct service flights from Charleston, SC to Long Island, NY. How can create demand for a new carrier to a regional airport while also increasing visitor yield from a market that has not been marketed to before by the destination?

The Goal

With an aim to increase higher yield airline traffic to MacArthur Airport Islip (ISP) from Charleston (CHS) on Breeze Airways, Discover Long Island wanted to increase Breeze Airways non-stop bookings and Average Daily Rate (ADR) for visitors from this new feeder market.

The Tactics

Adara was the perfect partner for Paradise to help develop, deploy and measure such an incredibly laser focused six-week paid advertising campaign.  To target affluent residents of the greater Charleston area, we created consumer audience profiles for those residents whose lifestyles reflected an existing affinity for or desire for luxury travel, goods, and services.

To complement the paid advertising campaign, Discover Long Island worked tirelessly to engage Breeze Airways and MacArthur Airport leadership to deliver strong, cohesive, and integrated public relations and organic social media initiatives.

The Results

  • 300% Consumer Demand Growth
  • 282% Increase in search-to-book ratio/bookings from exposed audiences for flights to Long Island from Charleston
  • 208% Increase in ADR ($462/night exposed audiences vs $182/night unexposed audiences)
  • Less than one year from the launch of Breeze Airways on Long Island, Breeze Airways and MacArthur Airport announced that new flights would be added to and from Pittsburgh, PA and Richmond, VA starting in May 2023.
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