Case Study
Hendersonville, North Carolina

The Challenge

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for new, authentic experiences and new places to visit. They are enjoying the freedom of “slow travel and low travel” – no set schedule, close to nature, connecting with locals, and satisfying authentic and nostalgic desires. The road trip is a preferred mode for regional vacationers. Offering proximity and ease of access to major airports and large metro markets, Henderson County is perfect for travelers looking for new and revitalizing experiences in the mountains. Hendersonville is a trusted friend and beloved destination to Carolinians, leaf peepers, and apple pickers. For those beyond the Carolinas, other better-known destinations are being considered for getaways – meaning we must meet our target consumers precisely where they are in the consideration process.

The Solution

We wanted to introduce Hendersonville to consumers who were familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountain region of North Carolina, yet not intimately familiar with the area. Our goal was to connect with these consumers on an emotional level to initiate interest and inspire dreaming. We wanted to tell them that a trip to Hendersonville would provide simple moments of joy they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Like the quiet pleasure of enjoying a glass of cider or wine produced from the very vines around them. The fresh flavors of a meal prepared with ingredients grown just down the road. Or the overwhelming sense of calm that comes with getting to the top of a mountain and seeing the vast, indescribable beauty of Mother Nature laid out before them. We called these moments “Mountain Moments.” And our new 2023 campaign set out to bring these Moments to life.

Find Your Mountain Moments.

Case Study
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