Influencer Marketing
The Confluence of Influence
and Marketing

The Challenge

At Paradise, we work with influencers to increase overall brand awareness, engage audiences, and boost sales. While many brands have turned to Influencer Marketing to overcome a saturated marketplace and win over audiences, a growing trend is for brands to gravitate to influencers to help with marketing and promotion during times of crisis and to support shared causes. When influencers establish meaningful connections and experiences with brands, their messages are more authentic and heartfelt, reinforcing a strong, triangular bond between the brand, the influencer and the audience. The challenge is to identify and engage the right influencers for both the brand as well as promotional channels to achieve optimal marketing performance and business results.

The Solution

At Paradise, we focus on the three R’s of influencers: Relevance. Reach. Resonance. Our goal is to create meaningful, relevant connections, experiences and messages that authentically resonate with target audiences. In times of crisis and shared causes that embody human, societal and environmental challenges, we have found the influencers we engage with for our clients are more loyal than ever with their brand affinities. These loyal influencers go above and beyond to promote the brands they love through in-kind PSAs, incremental content marketing and added-value social promotion. We are very fortunate to work with amazing clients that embrace the power of influencer marketing to create more authentic voices around their brands, products, companies, and communities.

The Results

  • Global Media Coverage
  • Increased Event Attendance 
  • Increased Organic Social Media Followers
  • Highly Engaged Social Media Audiences
  • Stronger Brand Perception
  • Increased Sales (one resort client attributed a +22% influx of reservations during an influencer’s stay)
  • Strong ROI (one client yielded a direct 51:1 ROI from an influencer partnership)
  • Added-Value PSAs (red tide and hurricane recovery)
  • In-Kind Social Promotions (red tide, hurricane, COVID-19 recovery)
  • 2020 HSMAI Adrian Awards Honors

Martha Stewart

Wine & Food Experience

Client: Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades

Sean & Catherine Lowe

The Bachelor

Client: Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades

5 Days in Paradise: Adventurous Escape with Sean & Catherine Lowe

Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland Worldwide

Client: Kahwa Coffee Roasters

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
& Ashley Busch

Client: Global Polo

Case Study
Travel & Tourism
Ocala/Marion County