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Kahwa Coffee: COVID-19

The Challenge

Kahwa Coffee, a company started in 2006 with 15 cafe locations and product in over 800 retail stores, needed to increase awareness for its e-commerce product offerings and drive café sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly 12 weeks, the company’s cafes were only open for drive-through and take-out orders – and sales were significantly impacted.

The Solution

We first engaged existing café customers for drive-through or pick-up orders by communicating with our customer base in the app, in social channels and by dissecting the customer lists to target geographic footprints. To attract new customers, we deployed paid search, paid social and paid email blasts based on very specific customer profile segmentation and behavioral data. To  mitigate sales cannibalization, we converted café customers into net-new recurring subscription orders for at-home brewing. We helped launch the new Amazon sales channel, opening orders to millions of coffee drinkers previously unaware of Kahwa. We secured national public relations coverage for the company’s products and philanthropy efforts with first responders during the pandemic, which offered opportunities to engage and secure new customers all over the United States.

The Results

  • 24:1 Return on Ad Spend
  • Promoted Products Contributed Most to Sales
  • In-App Order Increase
  • E-commerce Revenue Growth
  • Social Engagement Growth
  • National Public Relations Exposure

Home Sweet Home with Kahwa Coffee

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