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Kahwa Coffee

The Challenge

Founded in 2006, Kahwa Coffee has quickly become one of Florida’s most beloved coffee brands. Kahwa has more than a dozen Tampa Bay Area retail locations, is available in hundreds of grocery stores, and supplies more than 650 wholesale customers, including luxury resorts and theme parks. In 2019, we were selected as AOR to evolve the brand, grow market share and customer loyalty, and deploy marketing efforts aimed to increase revenues across four sales channels: retail, eCommerce, wholesale and grocery. So how do you grow in a seemingly over-caffeinated culture?

The Solution

We developed a new brand narrative that aligned with key product attributions, told the story of Kahwa’s unique roasting processes at its St. Petersburg facility, and leveraged the hometown spirit of a Gulf Coast city historically known for supporting local business. We further aligned a strategic marketing effort against an 18-month product sales cycle. To launch the new campaign, we unveiled refreshed packaging, messaging and creative for 2019 holiday sales efforts.

The Results

  • In-Store Revenue Growth (exceeded goals)
  • Ecommerce Revenues Doubled (exceeded goals)
  • New-User App Usage Increase (exceeded goals)
  • Average Ticket Charge Increased (exceeded goals)

Coffee That Speaks for Itself.

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