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The Challenge

Welcoming guests with true Southern hospitality since 1773, Savannah, Georgia is a charming, coastal escape where art, period architecture, trendy boutiques and ghost stories are all set under a veil of Spanish moss. In Savannah history resonates into the present day making it a surprisingly hip place where, global sophistication meets funky nightlife, and cuisine comes straight from the local waterways. We were brought in to elevate the presence of Savannah in the minds of potential visitors by creating a new brand image and brand campaign that would differentiate Savannah in a very crowded and competitive tourism advertising space, resonate with both leisure and meetings/group business audiences, and elevate impressions of the destination across all marketing communications channels.

The Solution

First, we redesigned and contemporized the logo. Second, we used research to help us identify the specifics of the target market: who they are, what they expect to find in Savannah and what they actually experience when they get there. Lastly, based upon our own experience in the destination, we came to understand that Savannah is a classic Southern city with a twist. It’s elegant, yes, but also unpredictable. It’s as classy as it is quirky. We literally realized that Savannah is anything but ordinary. After that epiphany, the “This isn’t ordinary. This is Savannah.” campaign quickly came to life.

The Results

  • Overnight visitation was up by more than 15%
  • Day trip visitation was up by more than 3.3%
  • Room Tax Revenue increased 10%
  • LOS increased to 2.6 nights, as opposed to 2.4 previous year
  • Visitor spending increased by 3.3% to $3.1 billion
  • 6 new expansive properties came online including a JW
  • Uptick in meetings and conventions
  • 12 Industry Awards

The campaign has been so successful that we are beginning Phase 2 in 2022.

Research Leveraged: DMA South, Longwoods International Traveler Study, surveys, input sessions, stakeholder meetings, logo and brand testing. Current and ongoing: Zartico OS, Adara, input sessions, GA, sentiment.

This Isn’t Ordinary. This is Savannah.

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