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A message from our co-owners, Barbara and Tony Karasek

Today, we are incredibly proud to celebrate our agency’s 20th anniversary.

At a time of unprecedented change, when everything moves fast and furious in digital leaps and bounds, it is no small feat to arrive at this milestone. We salute all of those who helped bring us here: a visionary founder in the late Cedar Hames, who saw the potential and a need for an ace agency to service destinations, the hospitality industry and consumer brands all over the world. Then the talented and hard-working individuals who have come through our doors over the years, many of whom are still with us. And to our wonderful clients, who trust us to build and evolve their brands and reputations to audiences in over 100 countries.

When we acquired Paradise four years ago, we knew our lives would change. Little did we anticipate how the world would transform because of the global pandemic. Add in hurricanes, the passing away of the founder just as we were making transition plans, and a few significant health issues at inopportune times, and it’s clear that life has not been boring in Paradise! And yet, we look at the boundless energy of our staff (which has practically doubled in less than five years), the award-winning work we are producing across the globe, and the big plans we have for more growth and more success in the coming years. 

It is only fitting that two days ago, we traveled to our industry’s grandest awards ceremony, the Adrian Awards, and came back with trophies and the highest honor for one of our campaigns. This is what we do, day in and day out, and have been doing for 20 years.

In honor of our anniversary, today, April 1st, is a company holiday, a well deserved day of rest, reflection and recognition that we have all achieved something great. 

Thank you, Paradise team!