A life-long storyteller and word nerd, has traveled this country as an award-winning journalist, working in Chicago, Seattle, Chattanooga, Myrtle Beach, and Tampa. To date, he has visited 43 states. After more than a decade reporting for the Tampa Tribune, he joined the PR team at Visit Tampa Bay, where he created the "Memory Maker" video series, hosted countless visiting writers, and represented the destination at ITB in Germany twice and at Florida Huddle multiple times. Kevin taught English in Szczecin, Poland, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He earned a BA in English from The University of Virginia, where he wrote for the science magazine, and a MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri, where he was an editor for the university's daily newspaper. These days, Kevin works from Thistle Hill, his 245-year-old home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. When he struggles to find the right word, he stares out the window at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Yes, staring out the window is writing, he says.
Plus: Kevin is an avid backpacker, a long-time Boy Scout leader, and an Eagle Scout. He starts each Sunday with the New York Times crossword.