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      “Game On!”

      Seminole County CVB

      Brand Identity, 360° Marketing Communications

      The Challenge

      Amateur tournament sports are one of the largest and fastest growing market segments today with all Florida sports generating more than a $7.5 billion economic impact annually. With ongoing investments in Seminole County and surrounding competitive counties in sports infrastructure, such as fields, venues and complexes, the challenge was to ensure significant marketplace presence, generate qualified sales leads, and develop robust content platforms to showcase all sports facility amenities as well as destination offerings.

      The Solution

      To strategically align marketing efforts to support sports sales, we assessed prospect parameters which led to restructured prospect targets, event types and revenue thresholds. Strategically, an integrated marketing communications plan drove sales leads through advertising and publicity, conference exposure, thought leadership, and email marketing to engage and nurture leads. In addition, we curated a sports tool kit, robust sports specific content and allowed the sports website to remain as the primary destination for all calls to action.

      The Results

      Exceeded Lead Generation Goals
      $42.5M Sports Economic Impact (+6.7% YOY Growth)
      235,000 Sports Visitors (exceeded annual goal)
      41k+ Sports Room Nights (exceeded annual goal)
      110 Sporting Events (exceeded annual goal)
      $5.8M TDT Collection (Highest in County History)
      $96 ADR (Highest in County History)
      3rd Highest Occupancy Rate in County History
      2018 Excellence in Sports Tourism Award from Florida Parks and Recreation Association

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