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      It all started when…

      Launching a rocket into space isn’t easy. It takes a dedicated team of scientists and engineers, backed by an organization like ULA, SpaceX or NASA that will do whatever it takes to see it launch and successfully reach orbit.

      To quote legendary NASA Flight Director (and vest-wearer) Gene Kranz, “Failure is not an option.”

      The same holds true when you’re launching an ad campaign. You need a team of dedicated writers, designers, programmers, PR pros and social media experts — all working tirelessly with the support of a client who believes in your ideas and efforts.

      Well, the team at Paradise has just successfully launched one of its most comprehensive campaigns yet — The Vacationauts — for our client We Are Go Florida. And both agency and client couldn’t be more excited about where this mission will take us.

      The Vacationauts campaign has one objective: to get visitors to Florida to make space part of their vacation. Whether it’s heading to the Space Coast to watch an actual rocket launch or spending an afternoon at one of Florida’s many space-related attractions, there’s no better place to explore America’s rich space history while glimpsing its exciting future.

      The campaign was designed to “recruit” people into The Vacationauts Program, and features print ads, travel posters, online videos, digital ads, social media posts and more. Each element urges people to visit the newly redesigned WeAreGoFL.com website and to download the We Are Go Vacationauts app.

      Once registered, they are given a Vacationaut rank and numerous ways to engage with the program via the app. They can take quizzes and personality tests, get information on future launches, and of course, learn more about all the space-related attractions they can visit. The more quizzes they take, the more launches they watch, and the more attractions they check in to, the more points they earn — and the higher they climb through the Vacationaut ranks.

      The end result? An exclusive community of like-minded space fans who can stay engaged with We Are Go Florida — before, during, and long after their visit to the destination.

      All of us at Paradise couldn’t be more excited about the Vacationauts campaign. It took months for us to plan and execute, and like an actual rocket launch, there were some scrubbed countdowns along the way. But ultimately, the launch went off without a hitch. And as our own vest-wearing Vacation Commander might say:

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