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      There’s Magic in the Madness

      By: Rudy Webb – VP, Account Services

      March, it’s the best time of year… the Madness… who doesn’t love it? I’m from Michigan (GO BLUE!), so basketball was an everyday occurrence growing up for me. It still is today, with my daughter getting ready to play in high school next year. So when March comes around, you’ll find me watching Tournament Championships, the NIT, and the Men’s and Women’s National Championship games every opportunity I have.

      You know that March offers a unique brand of “productivity” when CBS created a “Boss” button to quickly switch computer screens from live game action to a spreadsheet so you don’t get into trouble at work. Fortunately, with former athletes as owners, Paradise embraces all sports — especially during championship season!

      I like to think that March is the best time of year because we get to experience all the emotions that make sports so great. All in a live or die, winner take all, make it to the next round, single elimination tournament that takes place over three short weeks. Every game seems to deliver some type of drama… nail-biters, upsets, even the blowouts.

      We see team pride and team growth. We see sacrifice, success, achievement, love and heartbreak. We see good teams become great, and great teams get humbled. We see role players become stars, and stars become role players — doing whatever it takes for the greater good of the team.

      But most importantly, we witness what it truly takes to become a Championship Team: Selflessness, humility, passion, hard work, talent, leadership, skill and sometimes — a little luck (thank you Jordan Poole!).

      At Paradise, March brings a different kind of madness. That’s because it’s RFP Season — time for our team to showcase its talents through proposals, responses and presentations. We lay out our passions, expertise, creativity, and successes, open for all to judge, hoping to make it to the next round.

      Simply put, March reminds me of why we play the game – why we do what we do, and why we love it so much. It reminds me that it takes an entire team to accomplish great things, and that everyone needs to be committed to the greater goal. It reminds me why we put in all the early mornings, late nights, sweat, and sometimes tears. And it reminds me that even a loss is an opportunity to learn something.

      I’m not quite sure I’d go so far as to call it Madness. But I would call it exciting. Especially when we manage to pull off our own “buzzer beaters.” Like dropping off a completed RFP ten seconds before the 2:00 PM deadline.
      (Feel free to insert your own crowd noise here.)

      The Power of +


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