Travel & Tourism
Eureka Springs

The Challenge

Eureka Springs is truly a one-of-a-kind destination, unlike any other place in Arkansas or in the surrounding states. It’s home to everyone from artists and outdoor enthusiasts to Christians and bikers, and the area offers countless things to experience: Museums. Artisan shops. Unique restaurants. Endless hiking and biking trails. Lakes and rivers for kayaking, boating, canoeing, and fishing. Twisting, scenic roads. The Passion Play. Dozens of specialty-interest events all year long. And more. As research indicated people stay an average of two nights, we wanted to inspire visitors to extend their stay in Eureka Springs and experience all of the things this unique destination has to offer. We had to make this intriguing destination more relevant and “discoverable” to a wider spectrum of traveler types, while inspiring longer stays that could increase bed and restaurant tax collections.

The Solution

We needed to share the very unique Eureka Springs story with more people, while ensuring that Eureka Springs residents and stakeholders were aligned with, and supportive of, the new brand initiatives. First we clearly defined audience profiles and visitor personas. Then we developed a new brand identity that was more up-to-date and differentiating. Finally, we created a new brand platform that would enable us to tell the destination’s story in a way that was as unique as the destination itself.

The Platform

People say the most curious things when they visit Eureka Springs. And we can’t blame them. This is a place where a 65 and a half foot tall Jesus stands watch over the entire area. Where the natural surroundings possess an almost magical beauty. And where a simple stroll around town can result in an entire year’s worth of Instagram content. Fact is, the more you see, taste, do and experience, the more you realize that this wonderfully weird section of Arkansas can inspire reactions that are as perplexing as they are pleasing. But that’s what makes us great. After all, this is Eureka Springs. And this is a place that is “Curious, indeed.”

The Results

Campaign Influence and Impact
  • 90% Video Completion Rate (total campaign avg.)
  • 30% Click Thru Rate (total campaign avg.)
  • 1,096 Rooms Booked on
  • 44.47:1 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Longer length of stay by 2.1 additional days
  • Increased in market spend per traveler by 25%
  • Increased visitation by opportunity markets
Consecutive Record Year Tax Collections:
2021, 2020, 2019
  • 2019 Collections: Record setting year
  • 2020 Collections: Surpassed the projected budget by 17.3% in lodging and 11.5 % in restaurant
  • 2021 Collections: Surpassed the projected budget by 14%
  • 2021 Collections: 23.6% increase over 2019 and 46.8% increase over 2020

Research Leveraged: Zartico OS, Adara, Expedia Traveler Profiles, stakeholder sessions, input sessions, surveys, logo and brand testing.

Curious, indeed.

Curious, Indeed.