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The Challenge

After running a successful “Southern Accent” campaign for more than 6 years, Little Rock was ready to evolve and elevate the destination’s brand positioning. The client was interested in the possibility of reviving an older campaign, themed “Big On Little Rock.” While the clever line was well-liked within the community, it felt more like a civic-pride campaign than one targeted at visitors. Paradise was charged with finding a way to use the theme in a way that better reflected the destination’s offerings and appeal while connecting with potential visitors.

The Solution

We started by developing new visitor personas and profiles. To increase out-of-state visitation, we had to spark interest in couples and families looking for a weekend getaway. We also had to increase the number of meetings booked in the destination. For each target, we clearly defined the things they were interested in: outdoor adventure, unique dining, American history, etc. Armed with that information, we created a communications structure that enabled us to match each of those interests with the destination: “If you’re big on (specific interest), you’re Big on Little Rock.”

We knew this campaign would connect with visitors, and tell them that Little Rock was a destination that offered exactly what they were looking for in a getaway. But more importantly, we knew it would energize and inspire local pride, increasing brand adoption and brand ambassadorship with Little Rock residents.

The Results

The refreshed, reimagine “Big on Little Rock” brand launched in April 2020 with impressive fanfare and broad audience excitement. The community immediately embraced the return of campaign, and appreciated the fact that visitors from out of state would soon be as “Big on Little Rock” as they are.

“Big on Little Rock”

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