Swim Clubs, Neon Fashion, and Whipped Sunscreen Magic: How to Make Brand Partnerships Work for You

By Tara Tufo and Alex Hurley

At Paradise, we love collaborating with brands to amplify their unique personas. And of course we love chic hotels, swim clubs, trendy sunscreen and good music. It’s often the most unexpected brand partnerships that serve as the secret sauce, propelling companies to new heights of customer engagement.

Brand partnerships are a crucial element of marketing plans and contribute to the enhancement of brand visibility, credibility, and tourism success. At Paradise, we specialize in crafting brand alliances that resonate with a client’s target audiences, elevate brand awareness, and seize publicity opportunities to drive visitation and foster brand loyalty.

Creating impactful brand partnerships doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. It doesn’t need to feel daunting. Sometimes, all it takes is a spark of creativity and innovation.

If we have learned anything from the “drop culture” made popular among fashion brands–employing a type of marketing strategy where new products, services, or collaborations are “dropped” with little to no warning or prior marketing in order to accentuate buzz – these partnerships can be brief yet incredibly effective, thanks to their perfect timing and chemistry.

Hotel Haya – Swim Club Activation

One of our most recent and inspired collabs was on behalf of our client, Hotel Haya, an eclectic lifestyle property located in the heart of Tampa’s historic Ybor City. Our goal was to transform the property’s pool and burgeoning weekend swim club into a magnet for new audiences.

We knew that we wanted to work with brands that:

  • Made sense for the client and the event
  • Had the same spark of joy and creativity that came through in their marketing efforts
  • Had a fun and eclectic voice that was uniquely their own

And lastly, it was crucial for Hotel Haya and their parent company, Aparium Hotel Group, that these brand partnerships had the potential to develop into lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

The Partnership – Pure Leisure Enhancement

Our team, big fans of the Miami-based Vacation® brand and the Nevada-based Jobee Swim brand, knew these companies would perfectly align with Hotel Haya’s vibe. To amplify social media presence, publicity, and attendance for the 2024 launch of Haya Swim Club, Paradise announced Hotel Haya’s collaboration with Vacation®, Jobee Swim, and internationally renowned DJ Lolo Mayhew. These partnerships facilitated joint social media posts and complimentary giveaways at the opening party, providing an immersive hands-on experience for attendees, including a wide array of local and regional influencers. The Jobee swimwear also inspired the official name of the event: Haya Swim Club NEON Party.

The Paradise team developed a three-pronged strategic approach to ensure a successful NEON Launch Party: brand partnerships, influencer marketing, and public relations tactics.

Brand Partnerships: We initiated a collaboration with local influencer and DJ, Lauren “Lolo” Mayhew, securing her as the DJ for the opening event. Lolo Mayhew, a renowned local DJ with over 120K Instagram followers, brought her dynamic energy to the event. We also partnered with Vacation® to provide mini-sunscreen and tanning oils as giveaways to attendees and the colorful neon-themed Jobee Swim brand to outfit attending influencers.

Influencer Marketing: Nearly two dozen influencers, with a combined social media reach of more than 347k, were invited to the opening party. They received complimentary Jobee Swim bikinis to wear at the event, increasing exposure for both the event and the brand. Both the DJ and Jobee Swim agreed to collaborate on social posts to promote the event. Influencers created user-generated content, including TikTok videos, Instagram stories, in-feed posts, and reels, tagging Hotel Haya in all their posts. The DJ also wore a Jobee Swim bikini during her set, further promoting the brand to her followers, a perfect target audience for the hotel.

Public Relations: To create awareness and buzz, we unleashed a fierce public relations campaign. Thanks to our laser-focused efforts, the opening party was a huge success. We achieved a total UVM (Unique Visitors per Month) of 1.2 million.

Our client was thrilled with the results. Our strategic partnerships and targeted marketing efforts successfully amplified the launch of Hotel Haya’s NEON Party, setting a strong foundation for future events and collaborations.

Here Are Some Tips On Creating
A Good Brand Partnership:

Leave No Stone, Or Beach Towel, Unturned: Look to partner with brands that are on the precipice of greatness. Knowing that your partnership with them will benefit you as much as it does them. The big-name brand isn’t always the right direction.

Seek the Spark: Look for partnerships that bring their own neon sunshine and resonate with your audience. Nothing is more magnetic than a partnership that exudes ease and enthusiasm.

Build Buzz with Brand Ambassadors: Influencers help brands expand their reach and Collaborate with influencers to expand your reach and generate buzz through user-generated content.

OMG, PR: Public relations can maximize brand partnership visibility unlike any other medium. It is an integral part of brand strategy and it keeps the buzz going.

Celebrate the Unconventional: Don’t shy away from unconventional approaches like “drop culture” to create excitement and engagement.

By focusing on these elements, brands can create partnerships that not only enhance their visibility and credibility but also foster long-term loyalty and success.